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There are many!  When roofs are not cleaned and treated for a long time they become dirty which can make your property very unattractive. Other than just visual reasons roof cleaning has other benefits. When roofs build up with biofilm and moss this can damage the tiles over time. Moss holds a lot of water and this adds weight on the roof, when the winter comes it freezes and expands, this can cause the tile to lift and break. When a roof builds up with moss it rolls of the roof into the gutters, this blocks the gutters causing the water to over flow which can lead to expensive repairs.



The first step is a site visit. We will carry out a thorough survey of your property. We will investigate your roof condition and any individual requirements your property has. We then provide you with a quotation pack that has all the information you need.  Working to health and safety guidelines we will set up a mobile scaffold where appropriate and any other health and safety precautions needed. After this we will commence work using specialised tools to safely and carefully remove moss off the roof tiles. 

The gutters and surrounding areas will be cleaned and cleared of moss and then a HSE approved biocide treatment will be carefully applied to the roof tiles which will work on the remaining growth such as lichens, over time this will reveal the true colour of the tile. This treatment will then continue to protect the tiles from further moss growth. 


On this roof we used our specialist equipment to gently steam the roof. This is an extremely safe and effective way of removing dirt, moss and biofilm instantly. Not all roofs might need this method.




We are City & Guilds certified and are trained to use safe, recommended methods and biocide treatments.

 Our PASMA certification gives invaluable, practical knowledge that allows users to be safer when working from height.

We must pass up to 12 rigorous checks and commit to upholding The Checkatrade Standard.

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